Saturday, 29 March 2014

Welcome to Le Mot Juste

Many bright individuals suffer because of less-than-perfect correspondence skills. Failing to convey feelings, thoughts and ideas in a way that makes others see them in the best light possible can be costly for one's career and for one's life in general.
This does not have to be. Whether you are in business, a student, looking for a job, perhaps wishing to improve your English or simply wanting to hone your writing skills so as to better keep in touch with friends and acquaintances, Greg Heslop's Le Mot Juste ("the proper word") is here to help you. I am Greg. Send me an e-mail (GregHeslop.LeMotJuste[at] stating in what aspect you want to become a better writer and I will get back to you swiftly with helpful advice.

For instance, you may start by simply stating whether you want to be better at stringing a sentence together and continue with an idea of what sort of message you want to write, if any - you may also just write a bit about anything that interests you and I will offer my comments on your letter. If you have something more substantial in mind, you may also provide a rough draft of a text, perhaps elaborating with pertinent information on who you are and for whom your message is intended (in however great detail you feel appropriate). Whatever is your concern, I will respond with comments on your text and tips on how to improve it or suggestions for alternative phrasings.
Pay What You Want
I will not go after those who do not pay for my services. If you feel the e-mail response was not helpful, or if you are simply a little short at the moment, there is no need to worry. There is a suggested payment through PayPal of 12 pence (approximately $0.19, €0.15, AUD 0.22 or NZD 0.23) per line of text (in MS Word's Times New Roman font size 12 with default margins) of the reply you receive, but, again, correspondents are welcome to pay less or more. However, those who pay nothing at all are not guaranteed future correspondence.
Who is Greg Heslop?
I am a keen writer and a trained economist, social scientist and philosopher. As an economist, I am interested in trying out the pay-what-you-want pricing strategy, having seen good signs that most people are happy to pay decently under the same pricing regime when tried elsewhere. I am also blogging about economic and other intersting issues here.

At the busiest of times, I will do my utmost to read your e-mail carefully and reply within two days, but normally I will reply much more quickly. I guarantee I will not, under any circumstances, share your correspondence with third parties.